Publikation im Rahmen des Projektes “Sustainability 2010”

Im Rahmen des Projekts „Sustainability 2010: The Cultural Dimension“ (2010) entstand folgende Publikation:

Gerhard Banse, Gordon Nelson, Oliver Parodi (eds.): Sustainable Development – The Cultural Perspective. Concepts – Aspects – Examples.

Berlin: edition sigma 2011, 384 S., ISBN 978-3-89404-945-4










Gerhard Banse, Gordon Nelson, Oliver Parodi:

Verena Holz, Barbara Muraca:
Introduction: “Culture” as a Challenge to Sustainability Research

Ulla Burchardt, MdB:
Adress of Welcome

Robert Hauser, Gerhard Banse:
Culture and Culturality. Approaching a Multi-faceted Concept

1. Meanings of Sustainable Development

Gordon Nelson:
What is Green?

Medardo Tapia Uribe:
Culture and Ethics of Sustainable Development in Mexico. The Real Engine of Development?

Andreas Metzner-Szigeth:
Key Issues of Integrative Technology Assessment

Appukuttan N. Damodaran:
Sustainability Ideas in Indian Culture: Little Traditions and Post-modern Adaptations

Gabriele Tautscher:
Cultural Sustainability: Anthropological Perspectives [corrected by GN]

Ildiko Tulbure:
Considerations Regarding Cultural Differences when Operationalising Sustainability on Regional Level

Jürgen Kopfmüller:
The Integrative Sustainability Concept of the Helmholtz Association: The “Risk Habitat Megacity” Project as a Case of Application

2. Cultural Diversity and Sustainability. Implicit Norms and Values

Larissa Krainer:
Sustainability and Ethics

Robert Hauser:
Implicit Normative Settings in Concepts of Sustainability and Cultural Diversity: Solving the Antagonism

Miklós Füle, János Szlávik:
The Role of the Cultural Heritage at the Local Sustainable Development Programs

Virender K. Sharma:
Ferrate: Historic and Cultural Aspects

Barbara Muraca, Lieske Voget-Kleschin:
Strong Sustainability across Culture(s)

3. Sustainability – Political and Educational Implications

Renate Hübner:
Sustainable Culture – a Contrast to an Efficiency Society?!

Oliver Parodi:
“Personal Sustainability” – Including Body and Soul: The Karlsruhe School of Sustainability

Verena Holz:
Integrating Art and Education for Sustainable Development: A Transdisciplinary Working Process in the Context of Culture and Sustainability

Silja Graupe:
Standing on Mount Lu. How Economics Has Come to Dominate Our View of Culture and Sustainability – and Why It Shouldn’t

Armin Grunwald:
Sustainable Development – an Issue of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag

4. Case-Studies: Sustainability – Is it Worth it?

Ge Yang:
Scientific Utilization of Energy and Sustainable Economy Development in China

Miklós Füle, János Szlávik:
Risks of Unsustainable Technologies

Appukuttan N. Damodaran:
Tsunami in India’s Shorelands: Policy Implications of Learning Sustainability from the Victims

Jonathan M Shenker:
Sustainability of Marine Fisheries: Marine Reserves, Habitat Restoration, Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement in Florida

Eduard Müller, Kenyon C. Lindeman:
Climate Change in Several Central and South American Ecosystems. Challenges and Needs for Effective Management

Kien To:
Cultural Sustainability and Sustainable Communities Initiative in Developing Countries. Evidence from Vietnam and Indonesia

Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha, Oliver Parodi, Robert Hauser:
Perspectives of Cultural Interplays in Sustainability Research

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The Editors