Neue Buchpublikation unseres Mitglieds Gerhard Pfaff bei De Gruyter erschienen

Eine neue Buchpublikation unseres Mitglieds Prof. Dr. Gerhard Pfaff, TU Darmstadt, zum Thema

Inorganic Pigments

ist Ende 2017 im Verlag De Gruyter erschienen.

Auf dem Rücktitel beschreibt der Verlag den Inhalt des Buches mit den folgenden Worten:

“The book provides a complete overview on inorganic pigments and their use in coatings. plastics, printing, and cosmetic industries. Each chapter introduces a certain dass of pigment in respect of fundamentals, manufacture, properties and toxicology and thus being very valuable for chemists, materials scientists, and specialists for pigment applications. The readers will benefit from a concise and well-structured text, numerous examples and a set of test questions in the end of each chapter. For inorganic chemists, organic
chemists, materials scientists, students, researchers, and specialists in pigment industry.
•A comprehensive overview of all main types of inorganic pigments.
•Each chapter has a uniform structure based on a certain type of pigment.
•A set of questions is provided in the end of each chapter to test the understanding of the content.”